The name of the game: The Wind

ABN is committed in the developing of innovative projects for renewable energy, to ensure environmental protection and a sustainable growth with human life in line with the European goals of 2020

ABN Wind Energy is a company dedicated in the development and management of Energy from renewable sources, present in Italy ( Campania region and southern Italy) and in the European Balkans.

Currently, electricity from wind power represents the most significant and consolidated activity for ABN. Launched since 2003, the first wind farm has been in service in Ciorlano and Albanella (SA).

The company has built 2 wind farms in operation, for a total of 20 wind turbines, 2 new wind farms are authorized and under construction  and several other wind farms are in development in Italy and abroad for about 500 MW for the next five years.

ABN’s mission is to improve the activities for renewable for a more sustainable growth, pointing to the European targets of 2020 for the production of electricity from renewable sources by 20% .

ABN WindEnergy is a founding member of ANEV. ABN also supports and implements the protocols of Legambiente, WWF, Greenpeace and the legality of Confindustria.


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