Wind Energy can enable a sustainable development without damaging nature fora n indeterminate period.

Among alternative sources of Energy, wind Energy stands out, that is the product from the conversion of kinetic energy from wind that forms into other forms of energy (electrical or mechanical).

This type of Energy has seen a dramatic development in recent years, currently at around 3,000 MW installed, it is the estimated a future growth a rate of about 30% annually to reach the goal of 16,000 MW installed by 2020 in Italy.

In Italy it has been the source that in the last decade has seen the biggest increase.

Wind Energy is an attractive source, as an alternative to fossil fuel, once it is abundant, renewable, widely distributed, and clean it practically will not produce any green house gases.

Its exploitation is by wind machines called wind turbines. A wind turbines consists of a steel tower on whose summit is a casing (gondola) that contains an electric generator driven by a rotor blade (usually 2 or 3).

The large wind farms are able to take an advantage from economies of scale and incentives to produce electricity, which makes it the most competitive technology in respect to the traditional sources.

ABN Wind Energy provides complete assistance at various stages of construction of the wind plants:

  • Research and development of the sites;
  • Scientific studies of weather data;
  • Micrositing;
  • Technical and urban feasibility studies ;
  • Study of environmental and visual minimization;
  • Permitting;
  • Business plan;
  • Commissioning and management of facilities;
  • Maintenance and monitoring of wind farms.

After the verification and evaluation of the technial feasibility of a site by ABN, a development company is created, which owns all the rights of the facility: currently ABN.

The Wind Farm

A wind farm is a real power plant, but the electricity produced has a unique feature: unlike to that produced by other power plants, it is absolutely clean, which is obtained without pollution and greenhouse gases or electro-magnetic radiation of any kind and with minimal impact on the ecosystem, and also it is in compliance with noise emission standards of 45dBA at 100 meters from the source.


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