Eolo – Albanella (SA)

The company EOLO s.r.l. has built and operates a wind farm that produces electricity with EMAS certificate for a power of 8,5 MW.

The entire wind farm consists of 10 VESTAS V 52 – 850 Kw wind turbines, each having an upwind turbine with an adjustable pitch and yaw, and a rotor with three blades. The rotor measuring 52 m, exploits the OPTISPEED concept that allows the rotor to operate at a variable speed (rmp).

Currently, the electricity produced by this plant would bring considerable environmental benefits by avoiding the issue of the following quantities of pollutants into the atmosphere :

  • CO2 18.000 tons
  • SO2 110 tons
  • NOx 36 tons
  • Over 3.6 tons of dust

and obtaining the minimal visual impact.

Moreover, the production of electricity avoids the burning of thousands of barrels of oil with a clear cost reduction in imports.

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