The commitment of ABN Wind Energy is directed to activities such as sustainable Energy production from renewable sources following various stages: Location – Planning – Permitting – Construction – Management.

The staff of ABN shares the theory of “widespread generation” of the economist Jeremy Rifkin, world Energy guru, president of the Foundation on Economic Trends.

We are now “in the twilight o fan Energy regime” and Italy must meet the challenge of renewable energy. We use chemical fertilizers, pesticides, plastics, building materials, pharmaceuticals, heat, light and everything that has to do with fossil fuels.

Today’s project is to ensure that there are widespread Energy network is to create an internal market that can be exported to the rest of the world, focusing mainly on renewables

This is the goal that Europe has set itself in 2020 and ABN fully embrace this goal to try to operationalize what is still a project and in full institutional development.

ABN Wind Energy S.r.l. researches, develops and builds wind farms to produce electricity from renewable sources.

ABN Wind Energy has always been synonymous for professionalism and always been found in small and medium size projects with hard work and with objectives of total quality with particular reference to that which surrounds man and his environmental.

Hence the idea of the seven dwarfs, which are named after companies that develop wind farms: Eolo, Dotto, Gongolo, Cucciolo, Mammolo, Brontolo e Pisolo.

The commitment of ABN Wind Energy is directed to activities such as developing sustainable energy production from renewable sources, including mini-eolic energy;

Windpro LicenseIn particular, this activity is expressed in :

  • Research and development of sites;
  • Scientific study of weather data;
  • Micrositing;
  • Technical and urban feasibility studies;
  • Study of environmental and visual minimization;
  • Permitting
  • Business Plan;
  • Commissioning and management of facilities;
  • Maintenance and monitoring of wind farms.

The richness and ability of ABN Wind Energy are all in the potential and professionalism of the young spirited team and continuously trained to the business and technological objectives.

The human relationship in internal and external “self-searching” is a priority and essential for the expertise in the area of geographic references, so as to obtain a better approach in global awareness and in the territory.

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