Renewable Energy

ABN produces energy from all renewable sources, particularly in: eolic, mini-eolic, and photovoltaic.

The analysis by the Authority of Electricity and Gas, importing electricity from abroad (close to 15%) and fossil fuels used to produce electricity on national territory (about 80%), shows how our country is completely dependent on foreign countries for the electrical sector, excluding the production of energy from renewable sources (18% of consumption).

ABN’s commitment is to create innovative projects for renewable Energy with the objective of promoting the competitiveness of the economy, the security of Energy supply and the environmental protection in accordance with a system of “distributed generation”;

trying to make their own observations of the IV chapter of the Caritas in Veritate Benedict XVI, for a “…greater environmental awareness…” and linked to energy issues and of “… intergenerational justice…”

The term renewable Energy sources are all non-fossil energy sources: solar, wind, hydropower, geothermal, wave, tidal (tides and currents) and biomass.

Are energies for their intrinsic feature of re generation and are or are not “exhaustible”  in the “human” time scale because its natural availability is perpetual, whose use does not affect the natural resources for future generations.

ABN produces Energy from different renewable sources, in particular:

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