Mini wind power plants occupy minimal space and have a minimal impact on the surrounding environment allowing you to make a significant contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and have real economic benefits, and also build a broader low voltage network.

By mini-eolic energy is intended the production of electricity by using wind generators of a height below 30 meters.

The difference lies with the normal wind power as well as the sizes of the machines, for the ability to operate in more constrained but with the same factors of wind, minimizing the visual effect. Particularly suitable for this use are agriculture, tourism, small and medium enterprises but also single residential users.

ABN Wind Energy collaborates with Air for the permitting, installation and maintenance for mini wind turbines “libellula”. AIR “Libellula” is a new small patented wind turbine developed in Italy as an evolution of a technology that has been very successful in Northern Europe, showing excellent returns over the years and excellent reliability.


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