Wind Farms Grid-Connected

ABN Wind Energy has activated and put in production two wind farms on behalf of the companies DOTTO s.r.l. e EOLO s.r.l. and obtained a construction site for a new wind farm on behalf of Gongolo s.r.l. ABN Wind Energy is developing other wind farm projects, involving a total investment of 240 M / € and an installed capacity of 120 MW, within the Italian and the European targets of 2020, which will contribute to a further step towards achieving the objectives of the Kyoto Protocol and the Green Certificates.


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Eolo – Albanella (SA)

The company EOLO s.r.l. has built and operates a wind farm that produces electricity with EMAS certificate for a power of 8,5 MW. The entire wind farm consists of 10 VESTAS V 52 – 850 Kw wind turbines, each having … Continue »

Dotto – Ciorlano (CE)

The company Dotto s.r.l. has done a 20 MW wind farm in the town of Ciorlano (CE), at the location of La Colle Croce, and oversaw the design and permitting in the nearby town of Pratella for an expansion of … Continue »

Gongolo – Ariano Irpino (AV)

5 wtg REpower MM92 of 2 MW
10 MW total
Location: Difesa Grande
Company: Gongolo S.r.l. Continue »