Dotto – Ciorlano (CE)

The company Dotto s.r.l. has done a 20 MW wind farm in the town of Ciorlano (CE), at the location of La Colle Croce, and oversaw the design and permitting in the nearby town of Pratella for an expansion of power of 10 MW in the locations of Colle Capone and Monte Cappella.

The entire wind farm consists of 10 VESTAS V 80 – 2000 Kw wind turbines, each having an upwind turbine with an adjustable pitch and yaw, and a rotor with three blades. The rotor measuring 80 m, exploits the “optispeed” concept that allows the rotor to operate at a variable speed (rmp).

The kinetic energy from the wind is converted into mechanical energy and then into electricity, which in turn is fed into the national grid for a potential of 150 Kv. It is also possible to control the entire wind farm through a Vestas software, which allows the monitoring and management from a distance.

The wind turbines have been placed in order to respect the territorial and environmental constraints so as to allow the land use for agriculture or grazing purposes.

It has also been paid close attention to both the design of the turbines and the use of the colors and materials, in order to avoid causing a “mirror” reflection of light, so that the color tends to take on a hue of the sky making them less detectable on the horizon.

The energy produced by the wind power plant of Ciorlano, led and will lead to future environmental benefits, avoiding the emission of

  • CO2 43.200 tons avoided annually;
  • SO2 265 tons avoided annually;
  • NOx 90 tons avoided annually;
  • over 10 tons of dust avoided annually ;
  • 3.000 tons of oil avoided and not imported which corresponds to an annual consumption of electricity of 10.000 Italian families.

The wind farm of Ciorlano, the first in the province of Caserta, is a pride not only for the company that built it, but for the entire province.

The minimal visual impact and the terms of employment, have made the town of Ciorlano an example for the surrounding towns and for the entire province of Caserta.

The entire population shared the project which brought money to the town hall, as well as technological leadership, employment and ecology.

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